Numerous meetings were held with stakeholders where a wide range of topics were discussed. A new procedure was introduced, focusing on increased consultation, dialogue and disclosure which are reflected, among other things in a modified system and community policy. This has resulted in a changing attitude towards the company, based on knowledge dissemination and trust.

Scholarships and community grants

Each year, we support community projects within our field as well as projects carried out on our behalf.

Cooperation with the Kolviður Fund

A contract was signed this year between Landsnet and the Kolviður Fund to carbon “neutralise” all domestic flights on our behalf.

Co-operation with Reykjavik University During the year, Landsnet continued to support Reykjavik University (RU) by providing internships for students at RU’s School of Science and Engineering. The agreement aims to promote students’ expertise in the fields of risk analysis and electricity transmission. Landsnet and RU’s Centre of Risk and Decision Analysis (CORDA) collaboration on scholarships for doctoral students also continued this year. The aim is to increase knowledge and expertise in risk and decision analysis.

Support to University of Iceland engineering students

Landsnet supports the Team Spark initiative where engineering students at the University of Iceland compete in building electric racing cars. The team entered he car into the Formula Student race at the Silverstone Circuit in England this year.

Charity support

Instead of sending Christmas cards to its customers, Landsnet annually contributes an equivalent amount to charities and welfare organisations. This year we supported UNICEF.

Co-operation agreement with ICE-SAR

Landsnet continued its collaboration with Landsvirkjun, RARIK and the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). The agreement ensures that the three electricity companies receive the assistance of search and rescue teams in emergencies and in other cases where assistance is required. The agreement also provides the electricity companies’ employees with access to training at the ICE-SAR Search and Rescue Academy and outlines defined response procedures for the rescue teams whenever the energy companies need their assistance